Software Development

Creating innovative custom-designed software to meet testing requirements is one of the most significant aspects of Thorski Design’s capabilities.

In order to meet difficult mission challenges, we create tests and software that provide hard-to-obtain data in a user-friendly fashion. Assisting the program team in visualizing the fundamental processes or mechanisms is the foundation of what we enjoy about providing software development as a part of our consulting services.

Thorski Design has extensive experience with custom software development, including projects such as:

  • SatMassTM, our commercial mass properties management application
  • Custom software for real-time monitoring and logging of mechanical systems
  • Software for embedded microprocessors and controllers
  • Labview and VizSim scripts for data acquisition
  • Relational databases and web-based management tools

We have experience with development on general purpose computing platforms supporting various data acquisition systems, as well as with embedded control and automation devices using TCP/IP, RS232, and DCC control.

Please see Integration and Test and Instrumentation for specific examples of our software implementations.