Compute mass properties of parts and assemblies

  • Total mass, center of mass location, inertia matrix
  • Principal inertias and direction cosines
  • Principal moment alignment

Fully hierarchical parts database

  • Define parts and assemblies using a flexible bill-of-materials structure
  • Easily create new assemblies from existing parts
  • Share common parts across similar product lines
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Integrated parts viewer

  • View parts and assemblies as you create them
  • Easily preview your library of parts
  • Visualize computed mass properties
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Powerful balance analysis

  • Compute minimum-mass solution for balancing any part or assembly
  • Supports any number of user-defined ballast locations
  • Specify tolerances on CM location and inertia matrix
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Flexible uncertainty modeling

  • Apply uncertainty to mass and CM location using normal or uniform distributions
  • Supports Monte Carlo simulation on mass and CM for detailed uncertainty analysis

Dedicated server capability

  • Store all your mass models on a central server
  • Easily share models between engineers and work concurrently on the same model
  • Centralized backup for all your models
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