Installation Options

SatMassTM is designed to be flexible regarding the location of the data source of its models. Three installation options are supported – standalone, shared data source, and dedicated server.

  • Standalone: In a standalone installation, the SatMassTM application and its data source are both stored on the same machine. The data source is available exclusively to the application installed on that machine. This is the simplest installation, but offers limited collaboration options.
  • Shared Data Source: In a shared data source scenario, the model file is stored on a network drive accessible from multiple machines. A SatMassTM installation on any of those machines may access and use the data source. This makes it easier to share the model file among multiple users, although there is no control over who has access to which models. Concurrent access by more than one user is not supported.
  • Dedicated Server: With a dedicated server, the SatMassTM models reside on a central server devoted to supporting multiple SatMassTM users. Any user with SatMassTM installed has easy access to all the models stored on the server. Any number of concurrent users is supported, and users can view or edit the same model simultaneously. In addition, optimizations in the communication between the SatMassTM application and the dedicated server provide significant performance enhancements over the Shared Data Source scenario.